RRC – Dual Battery Charger

244,00 exkl. MwSt., 292,80 inkl. MwSt.


Dual Ladegerät für SMBus kompatible Batterien.

Unterstützte Batterien:

RRC-2020, RRC-2024, RRC-2037, RRC-2040, RRC-2040-2, RRC-2054, RRC-2054-2, RRC-2057

  • Dual bay fast charger
  • For the standard battery form factors RRC20xx or smart batteries with a similar footprint
  • Optimized charging process for RRC batteries:
    • Longer cycle life
    • Faster charging
  • Simple operation – Plug and Play
  • Automatic recognition and calibration of smart battery learned capacity
  • External power supply for worldwide use